Road Trip To Yanbu 2

We rented a car here in Jeddah and went to Yanbu yesterday afternoon to visit our shop there. This is our second trip to Yanbu with myself driving a car. At first I felt confident driving the car, everything seemed to be going great, that was until our trip back to Jeddah in the afternoon the next day. We decided to stop a while to heed the call of nature and to take a few snapshots from our camera, but I made a mistake taking the car too far from the side of the road, where the ground is too soft and so the wheel of our car got trapped from the sand, we couldn’t get out, the more I tried to pump the gas thinking that we could get our wheel free from the deep soft sand, but the deeper our wheel sunk. I tried putting some pieces of woods that we found around the site but it was no use, the car was not going anywhere. Then I got scared, we’ve only got a small bottle of water and it was mid afternoon and was burning hot.
Then Nelson a co-worker of mine, said we should get help from some passersby. A Pakistani guy stopped and tried to help us. He brought ropes to help our car be pulled from the sand but because it was made of some plastic-like material, it was too weak and snapped. He then get another rope from his delivery truck, but this time it looked like a seatbelt from some old cars and it was made of nylon. We tried to tie it up at the rear of our car and to the front of his delivery truck, then he begun to pull our car out of the sand and sure enough it worked. Thank God! We offered him water and a lot of thank yous after that, without him we wouldn’t be able to get back to Jeddah this afternoon and we will still be there on that same spot at this moment. We asked his name and he replied “Mustaq”.

Nelson and I want to say Thank You from the bottom of our hearts once again to Mustaq. You really are a good Samaritan. God bless you.


Link: A Good Samaritan In The Desert, Road Trip To Yanbu 1


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